5 life lessons to learn before it’s too late

Maheen Rehan
4 min readJul 4, 2021
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God has given us one life to live only. During the journey, we make splendid and bad memories of people and places. We meet new people and venture into new places. We establish new bonds and relationships. We cherish the feeling of being able to live as every breath comes in and out.

We stumble and fall, we get up and roll our sleeves to get going again, and we never stop or rest permanently unless the time has ended. We gain experiences and learn from them. Basically, we keep growing after going through different experiences.


Anyway here I will talk about life lessons that you must discover early.

1) Stop craving people’s attention too much

You really should learn this one by now. You really don't have to please all kinds of people and force them into liking you by any means. Because the truth is you cannot please everyone.

Simply, be who you really are and let others feel attracted to you by themselves, with you making no effort while being loyal to your true identity.

If someone wants to exit from your life, let them go away instead of begging them to stay because it would make you feel insulted and portray you being the one with very low self-respect. Remember people don't define your worth but you do!

“It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.” - Anna Freud

2) Never be embarrassed to learn

You can't claim that someone has the complete treasure of knowledge. Nobody is perfect. We don't have complete knowledge in every field. So there is no problem in saying, ‘No I don't know about this,’ when someone asks a question to test your knowledge.

However, it is a problem if you don’t gain knowledge and learn about the answer to the question. Help spread knowledge by neither making others feel ashamed nor by being ashamed telling others that you don't know about some stuff because we live to learn and become wiser as we learn. So be confident with learning new stuff unapologetically and teach others too!

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.’’-Margaret Fuller

3) Don’t fear to fail

There’s a beautiful quote by the author Paulo Coelho, “ There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” A lot often we fear failure so much that a single time we mistake in our task, it marks the final time we do it.

This means we quit it so easily, that we become the loser. Meanwhile, the winner is the one who keeps up the spirit to try until it turns out in his favor and he succeeds in the task. Therefore, one must never dread making mistakes and never stop the hard work unless success approaches itself.


I can’t stress much, that no doubt money is a source of luxury and status in our society especially, that it can buy us our necessities and stuff, it can work like magic and get us everything we want in this world BUT the misunderstanding that it can also buy peace, happiness, and positivity in life is completely WRONG!

It needs to be cleared because if it was the case then we wouldn’t hear news like a rich man suicide after a gun shooting his wife and two daughters due to the depressive atmosphere in his house. If this was the case then rich people won’t be paying dollars to therapists to maintain their mental stability.

This pretty much wraps up the idea behind thinking that money is not everything and cannot buy EVERYTHING at any cost! Henceforth, chasing money is no solution to every problem, and greed for money is not good.

“Anybody who thinks money will make you happy hasn’t got money.”-David Geffen

5) Health is Wealth

Last but most importantly, health is such a blessing we forget most of the time. You can accomplish all your goals and eat your favorite food at your favorite restaurant, travel to places only if you are blessed with a healthy life. Think about people who are given a deadline to live life to its fullest because they won’t live anymore.

Their goals and aims are shattered. Stop thinking too much about gaining success early in life or getting sudden anxiety attacks while thinking about your future because if you stress your brain too much it might impact your overall health which is risky. So be patient and let life work the way best for you. God forbid the world is not ending tomorrow so relax, think, and implement strategically. Don’t forget to eat healthy to live healthily!

“Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.”

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Maheen Rehan

Maheen is a part-time freelance content writer originating from Pakistan. Apart from doing what she loves, she is pursuing a medical career.